content marketing audit

Focus on substance

over vanity metrics

Create meaningful experiences that guide your audience
through the buyer’s journey and drive profitable engagement

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Most marketers share common challenges when it comes to content. You turned SEO into science, yet your message fails to reach your audience. Your content is pure magic, but your readers aren’t mesmerised. You struggle to find the balance between quality and quantity. You try to demonstrate tangible results, but your pie charts leave your bosses hungry.

Even following best practices to the letter doesn't yield the results you strive for? Our content marketing audit can help you identify the hidden issues that prevent you from reaching those goals.

Some issues, once discovered, can be directly dealt with. Still, we often see content marketing efforts get diverted by high-level strategic gaps and organisational dynamics well beyond the reach of marketing.

Our audit examines the interconnected components that impact your engagement, SEO performance, and user experience. Our goal is to provide practical guidance that leads you to deeper connections, more conversions, and an agile content creation process. To this end, we:

→ Conduct a multi-dimensional analysis of your content across all channels and formats

→ Map diverse customer journeys, customer segments, and patterns of behaviour

→ Assess your content creation processes and the concepts behind those

→ Assess your marketing technology and data analysis stack, and your evaluation and attribution methodologies

→ Promote agility by fostering a culture of experimentation and collaboration with other departments

When you need deeper insights

It’s all about content context

Marketing teams choose to work with us because we understand the complexity of human behaviour. We also know the pressure of navigating uncertainty, while having to show results, track often arbitrary vanity metrics, and turn engagement into hard figures.

Content marketing is not a magic formula for hacking growth. It's a long-term commitment to providing value and building relationships. That’s why we focus on fostering an agile content marketing workflow able to efficiently course-correct and drive meaningful engagement sustainably.

Our content marketing audit is not merely a superficial inventory of your existing content. We assess the process of content creation from the underlying assumptions to understanding their actual impact.

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