Agile marketing campaigns:

Assess, adapt, advance.

Navigate the uncertainty surrounding your marketing campaigns
by uncovering actionable insights and hidden opportunities

Looks good
(on paper)

Your email open rate is through the roof? Likes are pouring in from your socials? Your PPC click rates are destroying touchpads? Your organic traffic outshines a Boxing Day on Oxford Street? But despite reports showing excellent numbers, tangible results are still absent?

You have invested a lot in that campaign, and it is a success - on paper. But vanity metrics are not the goal, and the reasons behind poor campaign outcomes are not always clear.

Navigating the complexity of markets and human behaviour poses a significant challenge for companies. Keeping the message consistent and engaging across multiple channels is a heavy burden. Often, the sheer amount or quality of data makes it difficult to figure out what worked - or went wrong. Other times the methods of measurement are missing the context.

Running a successful marketing campaign is not an easy feat. You analyse vast amounts of data to optimise resource allocation and media buying. You spare no effort to ensure compliance with legal requirements and ethical standards. You safeguard brand image and reputation, while trying to keep up with shifting trends.

But sometimes the report on your SEO, PPC, social media, or email campaign writes a check you can’t actually cash. That’s when our comprehensive, bespoke campaign audit can make the difference between virtual output and real-life outcome.

Beyond evaluating performance metrics, we assess the process of campaign creation, measurement methods, and coherence with high-level strategies.

We help you find ways to communicate more effectively with your marketing agency and across your teams. We also map the customer’s journey to help you enhance the overall campaign experience.

Our input turns output

Think outside
the tick-box

Whether run internally or by your chosen agency, marketing campaigns demand significant investment from your team, so the pressure to get it right the first time can be daunting.

The complex interplay of hidden variables makes it difficult to predict campaign outcomes, and evaluating campaigns to gain insights for the future can be just as challenging.

That’s why our tailored campaign audits take into account the unique context and factors of each company and campaign, avoiding cookie-cutter solutions that stifle innovation.

During our audit, we analyse campaign performance, review campaign strategy and planning, evaluate campaign creative and messaging, and check campaign deployment and delivery.

We can also dig deeper to identify underlying organisational issues that may be impacting campaign performance to guide your team towards sustainable results.

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